OG Test 1 - Reading 3

Questions 1-5 are based on the following passage.

Toshio Fukuda: Medical Robotics Pioneer

Imagine a world in which it`s1casualfor a doctor to prepare for a difficult surgery by "operating" on a fullsized, electronically responsive model of a patient. It may seem fantastical, but one engineer is working to make this scenario possible. Dr. Toshio Fukuda is a pioneer in the field of medical robotics. In designing his medical robotic equipment, Dr. Fukuda draws upon a variety of disciplines and skill sets. His work serves as an example of how collaboration across a variety of fields can drive innovation.

[1] Dr. Fukuda`s career is a case study in how the interaction of vastly different fields can produce exciting results. [2] He did not begin his career with the goal of developing medical robotics. [3] Rather, Dr. Fukuda earned his Ph.D. in mechanical2engineering-not medicine;and his early work focused on finding new ways for robots to move.

[4] Together, they designed a micro-robot that could be used for clearing blocked arteries and performing other delicate operations. [5] Shortly thereafter, Dr. Fukuda was approached by a doctor who asked if he could build a robot that could travel inside a human`s blood vessels.3

Today, Dr. Fukuda has moved from the world of the micro-robot to4the macro-robot.He is busy developing full-sized medical models of patients scheduled to undergo complex surgical procedures. These types of surgeries are rarely performed by a single doctor. Rather, a team of specialists works together in close coordination to complete an operation. Dr. Fukuda`s robots help these teams to train for surgery by giving them the opportunity to rehearse an entire surgical procedure on a full-scale robotic replica of the patient.

Working together,5innovators in robotics and medicine share their expertise to save lives.According to Fukuda, "medical robotics is a very interdisciplinary area." It draws upon the expertise of surgeons, medical researchers, robotics engineers, and even computer programmers.

Question 1


  • B common

  • C shared

  • D general

Question 2


  • B engineering-not medicine,

  • C engineering not medicine-

  • D engineering-not medicine-

Question 3

To make this paragraph most logical, sentence 4 should be placed

  • A where it is now.

  • B before sentence 1.

  • C after sentence 2.

  • D after sentence 5.

Question 4


  • B that of the macro-robot.

  • C those of the macro-robot.

  • D macro-robots.

Question 5


  • B the expertise of innovators in robotics and medicine is shared to save lives.

  • C lives are saved by innovators in robotics and medicine sharing their expertise.

  • D the sharing of expertise by innovators in robotics and medicine saves lives.


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5